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Not the Real
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Or The True Story of
How this Site Came to Be



(July 7, 2003) - Here's the short and sweet version. There are a few really great Earnhardt message boards on the Internet. Our group got into the marbles on one and we (NTRDMP) splintered away from a very popular forum. To put it simply, we are Earnhardt fans. Tried and true and we do not have to prove it. Sometime early last year one of our manions came across a site with an offensive URL to Earnhardt fans. It shall remain nameless as we refuse to send them any traffic. Just some moronic fan of another famed racing family with an ax to grind. Our own little Pennsyvannia pierogi girl OTF ran them off and we rejoiced. But I digress ... so back to the point of our story.

Our little group got to talking about it one night and about how all the names even remotely associated with the Earnhardt's and DEI had been taken by groups and people trying to make a buck off the Earnhardt name. A result of this collective brain storming was that we began checking random domains to see if and when they were registered, if they were interconnected and well more than likely, just generally being nosey. When we ran across this little gem, we knew we had to to protect this domain name from the unscrupulous masses that surely would try to profit from its use. At the time this URL was registered, there were already rumors of Dale Jr., running a special DMP car at Daytona and we did not want some slick die-cast pimp to make a killing by having the same vision that we had.

We are NOT the real Dirty Mo' Posse. I shall repeat this for the reading impaired, we are NOT the real Dirty Mo' Posse. What we are however is a great group of serious race fans. We enjoy talking about all forms of stock car racing. Some of us are involved in the NASCAR Weekly Racing series. Some of us are involved in other racing series. Most of us just love the thrill of the race, the roar of the engines and the smell of rubber. Quite a few of us are ...{gasp} ...fans of others drivers as well. There is no advertising. No affiliate program. Nothing to pay for the cost of the URL and the hosting. We are not in this for fame and fortune.

Our content ? Well, you know, we are working on that. Real life tends in interfere at times. We are in the process of creating a forum for use here and hope to open it soon. Our intention at this time is to try and create a message board that lacks that certain je ne sais quoi of other Dale Jr boards. It is doubtful we will tolerate much in the way of "Future Mrs. Earnhardt" usernames and all that that implies.

In the meantime, congratulations to Dale Jr. and the entire Chance 2 Motorsports team for an impressive show in the Daytona Busch race. If you need to reach us, you can click here. Otherwise, go find a site with some relevant content.